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Seeking Solace

I woke up this morning still vigorously irritated by Lloyd’s general existence, and feeling otherwise muggy in the head with the unfairness of everything.

To console myself, I grabbed a chocolate biscuit and wandered over to the windowsill in my tiny lounge room to water Jamie’s bean plant. He’d given it to me as a gift – a surplus from a class experiment – the time before last that I was in Newcastle, and the shoots really grow like crazy. I remember growing them as a school kid, watching and measuring ever day to see whose plant had grown the fastest. Mine never won, but I still always felt, secretly, that I had the best plant of all.

This isn't my plant; still, one can hope

This isn't my plant; still, one can hope.

As I carefully measured out the regulatory weekly inch of water allowed, a couple of tiny biscuit crumbs¬† dropped onto the topmost leaves, nestling against the stem.¬† As I watched, one of the two hundred ants that seem to perpetually inhabit my apartment zoomed busily up the stalk and started working away at the crumbs, trying to carry both while simultaneously navigating its way back down the stem. I half-chuckled to myself, and reached out a finger to flick the ant away, when something made me stop. I watched its laboured progress for a couple of minutes. Then I made myself a coffee, and tried to think of something productive to do. And couldn’t think of anything. Ho hum.

Joanie rang me last night invite me to lunch tomorrow with her and Mark, and I suggested she invite James as well, and she said that sounded like a great idea as Abi was home from school this week, and might be happier with someone a little closer to her age around. There’s something to look forward to. That’ll do me for the day. I think I might go have another biscuit.


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