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So last week I went to visit my sister in Newcastle. It’s a bloody long way but I hadn’t seen her for a while, and it’s actually rather therapeutic to spend time with my nephew occasionally. Jamie’s nine, and is certain that he knows everything, as all nine year olds are. It’s reassuring to talk to someone so innately confident, even if the misguided attempts at making porridge somewhat undermine his claims.

Train trips exhaust me. I don’t really know why they should, considering I’m basically just sitting for three hours at a stretch. Perhaps the lack of stimulation. To stave this off, I experimented with my camera.

So I’m not the world’s best photographer. But I was kind of pleased with the effect. Unfortunately by the time we got to the Hawkesbury it was already dark – it would have been great to get some photos of that landscape at dusk.

  • Sans flash - zoooom
  • One of those small empty stations

    It was nice to be in Newcastle again. Lily’s a good cook, and it seems like I haven’t had a proper meal in ages – you don’t really make that sort of effort for one person.

    Jamie’s doing his best to learn how to cook, although porridge is as far as he’s got. He made it for breakfast the next morning, and Lil and I smothered it with brown sugar and milk and told him it was fantastic. And once you got past the fact that it was rather more solid than conventional porridge, or most biscuits for that matter, it really wasn’t too bad.

    So, a lovely restful weekend for me. However on the way back, it transpired that the line between Wyong and Gosford was out – an electrical fault at Lisarow, apparently – and we would have to take a bus between those two stations. Furthermore, the train would now stop at all stations between Newcastle and Wyong, adding roughly 20 minutes to the journey. Then, five minutes out of Wyong, we learn (through the halting static of the PA system on Cityrail trains) that the line was fixed, and we would now transfer from the train we were on, to a different one between Wyong and Central. OK, inconvenient, but I was still hoping to make it back in time for work.

    However the diabolical fiends that control the fates of the trains and their passengers struck again when, at Gosford, we were told that the train would be terminating and we all had to get off. Milling in a distressed crowd on the platform, as hordes of recently released schoolchildren hurtled over the bridge and into the station, the station announcement system informed us that the next train to Central was running 36 minutes late. So 43 wonderful minutes were spent surrounded by devilish adolescents sucking on frozen triangles of technicoloured sugar water and complaining loudly that, like, Jessie is SUCH a slag, Adam would never have gone for her if she hadn’t performed daring sexual favours for him, etc. etc. I could feel the will to live draining from my bones.

    When the train finally came, I ended up sitting next to a guy who, despite his obvious lack of an iPod or any other music playing device, appeared to be singing along to some kind of internal soundtrack. Out of key. All the way to Central.

    And I was late for work.

    Damn you, Cityrail.


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